Facts About Immigration Law In The U.S.

Immigration is a complex topic and there are people who stand strongly on opposing sides related to the issue. In the US there are policies that manage and limit the number of immigrants that will come into the country lawfully. There are situations where that limit might be exceeded when the immigrant is related to someone who already legally resides in the US. Here we will take a look at some facts about immigration law in the US.

Immigration Based On Family Unification

One of the important principles related to immigration and its policies is based on allowing a family to unite. These policies specifically allow citizens of the United States as well as legal permanent residents to bring family members to the country. The policies themselves stipulate a number of criteria that must be met in order for this to happen.

Even when there are visas that are still available, those that are sponsoring members from outside the country must meet certain conditions such as demonstrating their financial ability to support incoming immigrants. This is to ensure that someone from another country doesn’t enter this one and become a burden on the government resulting in money being spent to care for that person.

Because the policies related to immigration law give a preference to close family members such as children and siblings, they generally have a somewhat easier time being approved. Congress has put in place a fairly complicated system to determine how many family visas can be given out each year. Despite this complicated system, there is yet another policy that prevents the number of visas being lower than 226,000.

Temporary Visas

There are several different types of temporary visas that will also be administered each year. These can be work visas or student visas and there may be others as well. In fact, there are about 20 different types of visas available. To be approved for a particular one it will require that you meet the stipulations within that classification. If the visa expires or the purpose of the visa comes to an end then the holder must leave the country at that time.

Refugees And Those Seeking Asylum

Sometimes there are those who are being persecuted in their own country or their life is being threatened. In these types of extraordinary conditions a person can apply as a refugee or as someone seeking asylum. If their country is persecuting people of a certain race or because of their religious belief or the fact that they are associated with certain political views, then these are some of the reasons they might be approved to receive this type of visa.

Like with other categories of visas, this too has a maximum cap each year. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the number of those admitted has significantly decreased. Still, this is considered an important area of immigration policy.

For most countries, having an appropriate immigration policy in place is important. For economic reasons and for a variety of others it is good for the country. For this reason, policies related to immigration will continue to play a role in government. Consult with Aek Law with a free consultation.